Manicures & Pedicures

Jasmine Replenish Manicures 

Our Replenishing Manicures returns delicious moisture to yours hands and nails, with a soak, exfoliation, file, shape and cutical work before adding one of our fabulous colours. 

Replenish Manicure with OPI  paint - 1hr - £28

Replenish Manicure with Gel  -  1 hr  - £34

1 hr with Paint - £28 

1 hr with Gel - £34 

Let us know if you need a Soak off 

Gel Express Mani's & Pedi's 

  Using a choice of Colours from the Jessica Geleration soak-off gel range and the trendy Candy Coat range.  Our treatment consists of a shape and file followed by a gel paint to both hands and toes.  Quick drying and lasts between 2 - 3 weeks. Ideal when on the go and and time precious.  

30 mins Express Mani or Pedi £20

Choose Both for £35 

Jasmine Ultimate Pedicures  

Our indulgent Pedi's start with a warm foot bath, deep exfoliating sugar scrub, shape and file with cutical work.  Choose OPI Paint or a Gel colour to finish the look. 

Ultimate Pedicure with OPI Paint - 1hr - £29

Ultimate Pedicure with Gel - 1 hr -£ 35

1 hr with Paint - £29

1 hr with Gel- £35 

Solely  Delightful  Foot Treatment

Take a load off with this foot-focused tention releaser.  Lower legs and feet are throughly exfoliated, bathed and massaged with warmed exotic oils. It's a super-conditioning treatment for  neglected feet. The extra-rich hydration replenishes and softens hard working heels, lavishing a rich and healing action on your skin.

30m - £25

Solely  Delightful Pedicure

A  real treat for those tired feet. Warmed aroma-therapeutic oils nourish and condition neglected feet and nails. The extra rich hydration replenishes and softens hard working heels, lavishing a rich and healing action on your skin. Includes heated booties, pedicure and choice of gel or paint. 

75m - £38

Soak Off 

If you already have gel on your nails, let us know as we need to allow extra time to soak off  your current gel colour. If you are not having your Gel's replaced, we will add a treatment on your nails too.

20 to 30m - £6


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